Our Services

Calyx Culture’s core services model focuses on four key pillars. From facilities design through establishing breeding programs – we have you covered. Our goal is to provide clients with world-class service across the key elements of their cannabis and hemp tissue culture operations. 

Build Your Lab
Facilities & Systems Design


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Clean Your Cultivars
Cleaning & Storage


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Optimize Genetics
Pheno Hunting & Breeding


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Grow Your Plants
Tissue Culture Media

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Facilities & Systems Design

Design and Operations

We work with you to design your permanent tissue culture lab and provide equipment lists for implementation and operation. In addition, we provide SOPs and Training to operate the future lab environment.

Lab in a Box

We build aportable, scalable, fully equipped Tissue Culture Lab operations housed in a shipping container –ideal for cleaning mother plant stock while a permanent lab is being developed or for smaller scale facilities with limited space.

Tissue Culture Lab Window

Cleaning & Storage

We provide cleaning and storage services to refresh and rejuvenate mother stock while providing a disaster recovery plan for your genetics.


Send Us Your Genetics

Customers send in mother plant stock that is demonstrating signs of disease, pests and/or general fatigue. We receive your plants in our sterile, climate controlled lab and get to work.

We can currently accept cannabis plants from licensed I-502 Producers in Washington State. Hemp plants can be accepted from anywhere in the US.


Clean CultureD™

Our team cleans your cultivars and returns Clean Cultured™ healthy, vibrant plants back to customers after they have been run completely through our processes.

Performance of plants is dependent on each cultivar and timeframes for return of plants can vary. Typically, we are able to return plants to clients within a 4-6 month period.


Store And Re-Up

Our lab can provide storage services to retain cannabis genetics in stasis –either in callus cell or micro plant state. 

In the event of a significant IPM event or disaster in a customer’s facility, the team can refresh mother plant stock within an 8 week window.

Clean Cultured™ mother plant stock using the customer’s genetics can be provided on a bi-monthly or quarterly subscription basis.

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We use Tissue Culture to clean and store plant stock during long-term phenohunting exercises while saving time and space for Clients.

In addition, we establish breeding programs using Clean Cultured™ plant stock to grow and harvest seed stock while eliminating the reliance and expense of using outside breeders.

Clean and Store While You Hunt


Storing mother plants during large-scale phenohunting projects is both costly and time consuming.

Using our lab, we can eliminate the need to store mother plants by taking multiple cuts of each phenotype used in a phenohunting project.

During your pheno hunting project, the team can sterilize and store cuttings for future selection once a customer’s hunt is complete.

Breeding the Best Genetics

Tissue Culture Lab Window

Obtaining quality genetics and seed stock can be an expensive process –especially in the case of large-scale industrial hemp farming.

The team works with customers to identify top genetics and to set up production space to establish seed breeding operations within their facilities.

Protocols will be implemented to breed a customer’s selected cultivars in order to develop seed stock for future use and sale.

Storage and Refresh

Cannabis Tissue Culture Jar 2

After your pheno hunting project has completed and you have selected the phenotypes you’d like to keep, they can then be run through the tissue culture process to return Clean Cultured™ mother plants.

For breeding programs, our team will work with you to grow and harvest seed stock –in small or large volumes depending on the needs of the operation. Space will be designed and built at your facility incorporating appropriate environmental controls to store your seed stock.

Tissue Culture Media

Calyx Culture has developed media for use in tissue culture operations that support all stages of the micropropagation process.

Our media is utilized for innoculation and sterilization of plant material followed by shooting and rooting processes. Media comes in pre-packaged format which can then be mixed, sterilized and used to support culturing of both cannabis and hemp cultivars.

Our proprietary media is currently made available on a subscription basis to customers that we partner with to develop portable and permanent lab operations. We intend on bringing agar-based media to the broader business and consumer markets in 2021.

Calyx Culture is open to discussing long term partnerships and joint ventures with companies interested in developing nursery operations throughout the US and internationally. Please contact us using the link below to discuss your partnership opportunity!

Cannabis Tissue Culture Media 2