Calyx Culture

Evolving the Culture of Cannabis – One Cell at a Time

As growers first –we have seen the industry, and the needs of the business change over time. Cannabis growers understand that access to quality genetics is of paramount importance to the success of any business.

Our experience in managing common pests and disease that affects the cannabis plant drove us to find a better way to create clean, healthy plants –Tissue Culture.

Our vision to develop Clean Cultured™ cannabis plant stock is derived from this necessity –creating the best, healthiest genetics available.


Our team is made up of cannabis industry veterans with decades of experience in Cultivation, Processing and Operations Management.
We have lived through every phase of the evolving cannabis industry lifecycle –from small scale medical grows through large scale licensed operations.
We combine ‘green-collar’ expertise with ‘white-collar’ business acumen to our clientele covering every aspect of cannabis business operations.

Clean CultureD™

We’ve developed proprietary recipes for our media used to inoculate, shoot and root cannabis and hemp plants.

We make this media available to Clients on a subscription basis and save you time and money in developing your recipes.

We continue to R&D and improve upon our media to dial in its efficacy


Our team is continuously improving the quality and efficacy of our technology.

We are in a perpetual state of R&D performing experiments with hundreds of genetics at any given time at our facilities in Seattle.

By collecting data in our lab and from our client projects, we are able to fine tune our protocols to improve performance with both hemp & cannabis cultivars.

Clean Culture™ Certified

Our program is the first of its kind – truly cutting edge in the Cannabis industry

We establish agricultural standards through consistency while assisting in standardizing operational procedures and developing predictable, consistent propagation starts

Clean Culture certifies the plant’s sterility and cleanliness

Value is obtained in the increased price of clones coming out of your nursery

Implementing a full scale tissue culture model eliminates the need to maintain mother plant stock and reduces required storage

Reduces both labor and materials costs for Integrated Pest Management (IPM)


Cannabis Tissue Culture Test Tube

What We Do

We are experienced cannabis Cultivators and Operators first.
Our decades of experience in the industry help us help you to set up your Tissue Culture lab operations and establish new, successful lines of business and revenue streams.
We establishment and measure KPIs to help drive positive, efficient performance while helping you to acheive your goals.

  • Facilities and Systems Design
  • Cleaning and Storage
  • Lab in a Box
  • Nursery Development
  • Pheno Hunting

Sample Projects

Our client in Michigan implemented both a Portable Lab solution along with a permanent Tissue Culture lab in their facility. By getting a head start prior to construction, they were able to begin cultivation with Clean Cultured™ genetics and virtually eliminate any risk of contamination.

Our client in Southern California purchased a Portable Lab array including an adjunct storage unit to perform micropropagation processes in volume on both hemp and cannabis cultivars. 

Our largest client in Seattle, Washington utilizes a tissue culture lab to clean and maintain its mother stock for future propagation. They have successfully propagated over 100 cannabis cultivars via tissue culture and the lab remains a core component of their daily operations.